Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulations 2018


New regulations come into force on 25 May 2018. This means that we have to ask your permission to hold data about you/your organisation and advise you how we will use it, how long we will retain it for and if/when/with whom we might share it.

NOTE: We cannot assume your permission it has to be given to us proactively and explicitly.


ERA of RCB Data Protection Statement


East Riding Association of Rural Community Buildings provides members with informal and formal advice and guidance through network meetings, training events, projects, telephone and email advice service, publications and similar activities. In addition for marketing purposes hall details are placed on the ERA of RCB website.

In order to operate these services the East Riding Association of Rural Community Buildings needs the enquirer (community building trustee) to provide some personal details including landownership, constitution, leases, bank account, trustee names and addresses and other information related to the enquiry.

All enquiries are treated confidentially and East Riding Association of Rural Community Buildings will not publish or share the details.

Should the request for advice/support require that information needs to be sought from a third party (e.g. ERYC Licensing department, HWRA, ACRE or other) the data will only be shared in so far as is required to answer the questions.

No data will be shared outside the country.

The retention schedule sets out that files will be kept for five years after which time they will be deleted.

The Data Protection Officer contact details are:


Please email the Data Protection Officer to confirm that your details are correct and that you consent to them being held/used for the purposes detailed above.